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  • Exploring the foreign market

    Today we are here to be part of the exhibition.looking forward to cooperating with you.
  • Market Expansion

    Developed smart sockets constantly and cooperated with great brands to grow up rapidly
  • Develop Timer Sockets

    Completed timer products development.increased manufacturing capacity, and improved product quality.
  • Develop Motors for Timer

    Decided to R&D with much capital for timer motor to timing more accurate and reliable.
  • Establishment

    The company was established by Mr.WANG, its main products were clock and movement.
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Ningbo Frank Timer Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, China, a city adjacent to the port. Its main products include timer sockets, intelligent control sockets, time control switches, timing movement modules, etc. Our company currently covers an area of 6300 square meters, with a total of 108 employees, including 12 technical and management backbone. The company structure covers the R&D department, technology department, quality department, production department, business department, and administrative department, including mold workshop, injection molding workshop, motor workshop, electrical workshop, inspection workshop, and packaging workshop.
The predecessor of the company was established in 1991, engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of plastic precision gears, quartz clock movements, and finished wall clocks. With the continuous changes in market demand and the strategic development needs of the enterprise itself, our company completed a restructuring based on the previous company in 2019 and created its own brands such as "FUANKO" and "FRANK".
Up to now, we have gone through several twists and turns in our development, but with over 20 years of experience in movement manufacturing, our timing products exceed industry standards in accuracy and reliability, making us a leading manufacturer in the timer industry. In the future, our company will be committed to research and development innovation, production and manufacturing of intelligent switch sockets and other products, continuously improving product standards and processes, and bringing customers high-quality and cost-effective best-selling products.
There are 15 customized professional production equipment in the motor workshop. The daily production of the fully automatic motor assembly line can reach 20000 units per day, and the daily production of the fully automatic 24 axis winding machine can reach 30000 units per day.
Our manufacturing strength can be described as strong. We adhere to the concept of comprehensive equipment, ensuring that we have the most advanced technology and equipment support in every manufacturing process. We have multiple domestic top flow machines and equipment, as well as multiple automatic assembly lines.

There are 38 injection molding equipment in the injection molding workshop, and after installing the robotic arm, it can meet the 24-hour unmanned operation. It is executed according to the standards of 5S on-site management law, creating a clean and tidy working environment, and adhering to the quality objectives of the quality department.
Especially in the field of mold manufacturing, we are equipped with the most advanced equipment in the mold workshop to meet the needs of different products. In addition, our motor workshop and electrical workshop have advanced production lines to ensure product assembly.
We have excellent research and development capabilities in the industry, and 20 years of perseverance and exploration have accumulated rich experience for us. Especially in the fields of mold engineering and mechatronics. We continuously promote innovation, not only with excellent product quality, but also with exquisite engineering technology to win the trust of customers. We are not only able to develop and design high-quality motors, but also have strong research and development capabilities to provide solutions for various timing appliances.

Our mold engineering and electromechanical R&D department in the R&D center has an international level of technical strength, which not only ensures that we have high-quality molds, but also makes outstanding research in the field of motors, providing continuous innovation and improvement for our products. Both motors and timing appliances can receive sufficient attention and design in our R&D and production system. Provide customers with better and more intelligent electrical timing solutions. We look forward to the future, continue to be driven by research and development, constantly innovate, and create more possibilities for customers.
Adhering to the commitment of the enterprise to continuously improve product quality, our company has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCC certification, CE certification, GS certification, ETL certification, RoHS certification, etc.
We have always been committed to providing customers with the most reasonable procurement solutions and production processes to ensure that they can enjoy the most economical products of the same quality. We take continuous innovation and excellent quality as our mission and look forward to your business consultation. Whether you are seeking high-quality products or long-term partners, we are willing to provide you with support and work together to create success.
We regard quality as the core, and quality assurance is our continuous pursuit. We have taken a series of strict measures to ensure that our products meet the highest standards at all stages and provide customers with high-quality service.
Our quality control system covers every step of the process, from raw material procurement to production. We strictly adhere to international quality standards and ensure that every product undergoes careful inspection and testing. This includes quality testing of raw materials, monitoring during the production process, and comprehensive testing of the final product. We firmly believe that only excellent quality can win the trust of customers.
We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide comprehensive quality assurance for customers. We strictly follow the document plan to ensure the quality of the order and ensure that the product undergoes strict inspection before delivery to the customer. We provide comprehensive guarantees for both product quality and safety to ensure that customers receive high-quality and reliable electrical timing equipment. Our quality and guarantee complement each other, which is the key value we relentlessly pursue.
We adhere to the concept of customer first and are committed to providing a perfect customer service experience. We demonstrate our commitment to our customers in various ways, ensuring that they receive the best support during the purchase, use, and after-sales stages.
24-hour pre-sales quick response: Our customer service team always provides quick response, answers questions, provides technical support, and ensures that customers have sufficient information and confidence when choosing products.
Brand logo packaging customization: In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, we provide brand logo packaging customization services to ensure the perfect fit between products and customer brands, and enhance brand image.
72H after-sales solution, quality assurance: Our after-sales team takes proactive measures to ensure that customers receive timely assistance when facing problems. Our goal is to propose solutions and complete the "8D Exception Report" within 72 hours to ensure that issues are properly addressed. We adhere to our commitment to quality and ensure that every customer receives the best after-sales support, thereby establishing a long-term partnership. At Ningbo Frank Timing Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., customer service is not only an obligation, but also our commitment and responsibility.
Our company regards after-sales service as an indispensable part of the success of our enterprise. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to providing perfect after-sales support to ensure that customers enjoy a worry free experience after purchasing.

Our after-sales service team is composed of professional personnel, providing customers with timely response and problem-solving. Moreover, we provide a variety of services, including product usage guidance, product sales guidance, and product after-sales maintenance guidance. Our goal is to help customers better sell products and achieve higher operating profits.
No matter what challenges you face, we promise to provide satisfactory solutions in the shortest possible time to ensure that your business is not interrupted. We adhere to the principles of quality assurance and customer satisfaction, adhere to our commitment to after-sales service, and provide customers with reliable support
The main products from the original quartz clock. clock movement intotimer module, timer socket, smart control socket and so on.
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